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Identify prospective leads, nurture, and grow more opportunities with SmartSales
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to win more deals quickly.

Close deals faster with AI-powered Sales CRM tools

Close deals faster with AI-powered Sales CRM tools

Lead Management

Convert the hottest leads to your customers with rich insights driven personalized interaction, optimized email communication and effective tracking at every touch point.

Sales Order Management

Manage sales orders with the help of built-in quote generation capabilities. Meanwhile, keep track of all the associated activities like invoices in just a few clicks.

Opportunity Management

Streamline your sales process using cost-effective Sales CRM platform to close the deals faster with all the right information about the opportunity like the stage, products, services, quotes and other interactions.

Drive revenue growth through a streamlined sales process

Efficient Sales Process Design

Notify your team about large deals through automated emails, expedite the approval process, automate task assignment when the deal moves to other stages, and more.

Sales Productivity

Boost the productivity of your sales team by automating repetitive manual tasks and most importantly, implementing best practices.

Sales Forecast

Plan and take quick effective decisions with AI-driven forecasting to predict revenue across your sales team.

Power up your sales reps with valuable data on-the-go

Power up your sales reps with valuable data on-the-go

Mobile Application

Your sales team can now instantly connect with the leads, access and update files and collaborate with their colleagues, no matter where they are.


Share and track files, documents, meetings and other information securely in real time for fast-tracking the deals.

Automated Workflows

Automate business processes to accelerate approvals, tracking and closing of deals faster with easy workflow design on the advanced Sales CRM platform.

Enhance customer journey through personalized sales experience

Content Personalization

Deliver personalized information based on your interaction with the customers for better customer engagement.

Comprehensive Sales CRM platform

Provide a common platform for various departments like sales, service, operations, and accounts to help your customers at different stages of their journey.

Relationship Selling

With a clear view of the unified customer data and insights, understand your customers better to build a strong relationship.

Sell smart with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sell smart with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The combined power of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps your sales team to provide the right solution at the right time to your customers by predicting their needs.




Smartify your business with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Understand how businesses benefit from Smartify 365 solution.

Success Stories

Customer Success Story

Smartify 365 helped ShobhaGlobs Engineers Hub Pvt. Ltd., a technology provider in the solar energy sector, improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency.



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