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Powerful platform without limits

Powerful platform without limits

Microsoft Power Apps accelerates your business by helping you to build the business apps you need, quick and easy. With the ability to extend or customize the apps that you already use, it enhances productivity and innovation.

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Build innovative business apps in 10 minutes

Power Apps provides a simple drag-and-drop designer and other innovative features to help you build a full business application in 10 minutes. Create smart, comprehensive business applications using a rich set of tools and leverage plenty of customization capabilities on a single platform.

Robust built in Common Data Service

Robust built in Common Data Service

Using the common data model to standardize your data, CDS provides business logic, easy customizations, and enterprise-grade security to build and smarter apps using the same data.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Seamless app extension capabilities

Natively built pro-developer extensibility into the platform helps developers use Azure functions or custom connectors to extend app capabilities.

Tailored applications for optimal outputs

Using a simple drag-and-drop designer, you can design immersive and responsive apps that can run on any device and deliver customized user experiences.

Innovative apps for various business scenarios

Build Power Apps using both canvas and model-driven to tackle specific scenarios like field sales management, tracking and inspection, and more.

Easy integration

More than 200 connectors are available that can be used to easily integrate data and systems you currently use. Custom connectors and logic help to extend your Power Apps further.

Forrester Research names Microsoft as a leader in the Forrester Wave

Power Apps is now a leading choice among low-code platforms for AD&D professionals, according to Forrester. It offers powerful features to support the development of web and mobile user experiences, an extensive list of integration adapters and using Excel-like expressions for adding logic with ease.

Forrester Research names Microsoft as a leader in the Forrester Wave
Low Code Application platform LCAP

Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP)

Low-code application platform (LCAP) is a visual technique. You can abstract and simplify any stage of the application lifecycle with low-code, allowing you to produce a wide range of solutions more quickly. Your company will create strategies that address the needs of your market by breaking down conventional business and IT silos promoting continuous collaboration.


The complexity of core processes and market problems is growing. The rate of change accelerates gradually, so what seems to be rapid now will seem glacial in the future. To stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to develop and deliver creative, timely solutions. We assume that implementing low-code technologies allows us to do so. We assume that apps should be well-crafted. It can, in our opinion, add value to the business and can be delivered quickly.

Power Apps Pricing and Licensing

The feature-rich Power Apps comes with attractive pricing offers that depends on the business requirements. Find the best option that suits your business needs by comparing the features and pricing here.

Check out the Power Apps licensing details to understand the different license levels with specific features.

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