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Energy and Utilities

Drive new revenues with the Smart technology

Power Up your utilities

Growing demand for energy across the globe has pushed the energy and utilities providers to explore digital technologies. The opportunity for quick product innovation, improving workers safety and efficient maintenance of complex infrastructure are just a few of the aspects fuelled by digital technologies.


Smartify 365:

Scaling efficiency

Smartify 365 solution focused on the energy and utilities industry, provides a platform for integrating your operations and technology thereby enhancing your organization’s productivity and reduce downtime. We support your workforce by equipping them with the right tools, extract hidden value and uncover new revenue streams.

Robust Smartify 365 features to boost your business growth

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Efficient Sales Force Automation

Advance your sales process through Smartify 365’s cost-effective automation solution and increase your customer engagements.

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Enhanced Customer Service

Fulfill your customer needs quickly using built-in intelligence for tracking and resolving tickets, managing timesheets and more.

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Connected Field Service

The power of predictive maintenance and real-time analytics on a mobile app can help increase the productivity of your field service team.

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Automated Warranty Management

Harness the power of automation to manage warranty-related activities like entitlements, SLAs, renewals, AMCs and more.

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Get the necessary insights for growing your business using real-time data.

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Smart Invoicing

Handle invoices and ensure GST compliance without any hassles to deliver a better customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service solution

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, your team can gain insights from remotely connected devices and increase operational efficiency.


How MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Benefits Your Business


How MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Benefits Your Business

Explore the array of benefits to deliver an amazing customer experience.


Customer Success Story

Smartify 365 helped ShobhaGlobs Engineers Hub Pvt. Ltd., a technology provider in the solar energy sector, improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency.


Empower your service team to deliver better service with Dynamics 365 using powerful tools to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.


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