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Manufacturing and High-Tech

Drive new revenues with the Smart technology

Transforming Manufacturing and High-Tech

Manufacturing and High-tech industries have undergone considerable changes to adapt themselves to digital customers. Leveraging the advanced tools offer companies the ability to design and produce innovative products quickly, achieve efficiency and manage operations more effectively.


Smartify 365:

Delivering value cost-effectively

Smartify 365, tailored to cater to the manufacturing and high-tech industries, helps in driving intelligent sales and customer experience with operational excellence. With manufacturing falling broadly under two divisions, discrete and process, Smartify 365 ensures that it caters to the specific business needs as efficiently as possible.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Smartify 365 provides an array of benefits for your business

Smart Sales force automation

Increase productivity and enhance customer engagement throughout the sales cycle through Smartify 365’s cost-effective solution.

Smart Customer Service

With built-in intelligence, quickly track and resolve tickets, manage timesheets and gain valuable customer insights.

Smart Field Service

Drive end-to-end field service through advanced capabilities like mobile app, predictive maintenance, real-time data analytics and more.

Smart Warranty Management

Using the power of automation to efficiently manage SLA, entitlements, renewals, AMCs, and more to achieve higher revenue targets.

Smart Analytics

Real-time data enhanced with business intelligence provides key insights to advance business outcomes.

Smart Billing

Hassle-free invoice and receivables tracking and ensuring GST compliance to increase profitability.

Connecting data using Dynamics 365 for intelligent decisions

Check out how Dynamics 365 solutions help businesses harness the power of data to make intelligent decisions and enhance their customer experience.


Smartify your business with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365


Smartify your business with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Understand how businesses benefit from Smartify 365 solution.

How MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Benefits Your Business


How MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Benefits Your Business

Explore the array of benefits to deliver an amazing customer experience.


Learn how your team can provide proactive maintenance with Dynamics 365 and improve productivity.


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