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Win customer's trust through a structured and timely approach in managing
and delivering optimalcustomer experience anywhere, anytime.


Deliver personalized service at every touchpoint

Intelligent Workload Routing

Ensure high-priority tasks receive immediate attention and above all, automatically route workloads appropriately based on the employees’ availability, skills and other factors.

360-degree Customer View

Personalize interactions with your customers throughout their journey using a comprehensive data-driven approach.

Multi-channel Support

Stay ahead by enabling your employees to support your customers through any channel and on any device quickly using an efficient customer service management software.

Add value to every customer engagement

Add value to every customer engagement

Ticket Management

Close tickets quickly through a streamlined process that keeps your employees updated with all the information they need on the go.

Timesheet Management

Automate routine tasks like task allocation, tracking time, expenses and other activities using a comprehensive customer service management software to free up your employees’ time for other important activities.

Resolution Tracking

Use ticket resolution insights to monitor and track efficiently and optimize your employee productivity further.

Take advantage of AI-driven insights using an advanced customer service management software

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction levels by proactively resolving issues before they impact your customers.

Customer Insights

Use built-in AI-powered interactive dashboards to understand critical insights and take the necessary action as required.

Trend Analysis

Based on the customer engagement patterns, interactions and feedback information, analyze the emerging trends to fine tune your services.

Customer service insights to strengthen your service teams

Customer service insights to strengthen your service teams

Leverage AI-driven customer service insights for serving your customers better and build valuable relationships.




3 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Understand how businesses can benefit from the AI-driven insights.

Success Stories

Customer Success Story

Smartify 365 helped ShobhaGlobs Engineers Hub Pvt. Ltd., a technology provider in the solar energy sector, improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency.



Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps your team to deliver a better customer service with the power of machine learning and advanced analytics.

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