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With disruptive ideas impacting the business models frequently, it is critical to ensure that your business is ahead with advanced technology-driven intelligent solutions.

In the spirit of disruption, we are offering $1500 worth of our resources to help you achieve your business objectives.

Learn how your business can stay ahead

$500 worth Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Microsoft Teams usage

$1000 worth of free consulting

All of them for 3 months*.

Smart businesses run on Smartify 365

Smart businesses run on Smartify 365

Smartify 365, built on the robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, provides powerful smart insight driven technology solutions for your business growth. Smartify 365 CRM accelerates your revenue growth by boosting your sales utilizing cross-sell opportunities, increasing productivity and operational efficiency all the while delivering enhanced customer experience.

Explore various Smartify 365 solutions tailored for your business

Smart Sales

AI-driven actionable insights to drive personalized engagement with prospective leads.

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Smart Warranty Management

Automated efficient management of SLA, entitlements, renewals, AMCs, and more.

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Smart Customer Service

Built-in intelligence driven ticket and timesheet management with resolution tracking.

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Smart Billing

Increase profitability by quickly handling invoices & tracking receivables, ensuring GST compliance.

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Smart Work Order Management

Proactive field service driven by predictive maintenance for enhanced customer experience.

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Smart Master Data Management

Power of your data enhanced with business intelligence for effective key decision making.

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Unlock business opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 intelligent business applications, you can transform your business with next-generation, multi-channel applications using AI, mixed reality and more.

Why choose Smartify 365 for your business?

Integrated platform for powerful business outcomes

Harness the potential of different departments in your organization to transform the way your business operates.

Smart tools to boost productivity

Automation and AI-driven insights helps you to enhance every business process and deliver enhanced customer experience on any device.

Cost-effective solution to scale your business

Use predictive intelligence to improve the effectiveness of services and processes to reduce costs.

Transform your CRM to include ERP capabilities

Reduce the complexity of CRM and ERP systems by combining them on a single platform.

Smartify your Operations to unlock Business Value

Upgrade customer experience

Add value to every customer interaction through built-in intelligence and deliver personalized experience.

Unlock revenue opportunities

Unearth various cross-sell and upsell opportunities through predictive insights.

Scale cost-effective operations

Streamline your processes through smart automation and optimized resource management.

Drive data-driven decisions

Leverage the power of AI to derive actionable insights from unified data to take informed decisions.



3 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Understand how businesses can benefit from the AI-driven insights.

Customer Success Story

Smartify 365 helped ShobhaGlobs Engineers Hub Pvt. Ltd., a technology provider in the solar energy sector, improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency.



Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 with AI-driven Relationship Insights helps your sales team to quickly build relationships and increase revenue using various AI features.

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