Dynamics 365 - Purchasing Plans

Check out the various purchasing plans for Dynamics 365


Customer Engagement (CE) Plan

Consists of modules for Sales, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Service, Marketing*.


Unified Operations (UO) Plan

Customers who are looking for using the Dynamics 365 as an ERP shall get Finance & Operations, Retail, Talent modules when they purchase the Unified Operations Plan.


Dynamics 365 Plan

This offer helps customers to get all the modules available as part of the CE and UO plans. The customers who would want an integrated solution would ideally prefer this plan as it saves a lot of money when they purchase under this offer.

Dynamics 365 - Editions

Choose the Dynamics 365 edition that suits your business needs

Dynamics 365 Professional Edition

Dynamics 365 Professional Edition

Customers who prefer to use a standard sales force automation solution or customer relationship management product could start looking at Dynamics 365 professional. This gives the customer all the power and intelligence available on the platform with the integrations with Office 365 and advanced reporting using Power BI. The limitation is that it is not applicable for a large number of users.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

With Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise customers go beyond sales force automation and meet the needs of more complex sales processes. Sales Enterprise provides customization, extensibility and embedded intelligence, in addition to all the functionality available in Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional.

Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution

Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution

A true solution for Enterprise customers to helps sales professionals build the relationships they need to win, from a single, trusted vendor. These offering will help connect more businesses with the power of relationship selling. This brings to customers, Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Smartify 365 Plan

Smartify 365 Customized Plan

Smartify 365 plan provides customers the standard Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan or individual modules under the Customer Engagement Plan along with the standard ready-to-use modules as specified below.

  • Warranty Management
  • Tax Management
  • Inventory & Purchase Management
  • Employee Productivity Management

Product License

By Modules

  • Sales

    AI-driven insights for accelerated growth.

  • Customer Service

    Engage in real-time with your customers.

  • Project Service Automation

    Deliver outstanding project experiences.

  • Field Service

    Built-in intelligence for driving personalized service.

  • Marketing

    Nurture quality leads through an innovative platform.

  • Microsoft Relationship Sales

    Unified selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

  • Business Central

    Easy and efficient business management solution.

  • Mixed Reality

    Equip your team with an instant collaboration tool.
    Remote Assist

  • AI-driven Insights

    Leverage the power of AI to empower your employees.
    Sales Insights
    Customer Insights
    Customer Service Insights

By User Types

Team Users

The Dynamics 365 Team Members subscription is a named user subscription designed for users who are not tied to a particular function, but who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality. The Team Members User SL enables users to read Dynamics 365 data generated from Dynamics 365 Unified Operations and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Applications and Plans. At least one full Dynamics 365 user must be assigned to the tenant to administer and configure the individual Team Members applications.

Core Users

Full user of the Dynamics 365 application who has access to all functions and to modify core entities of the system.

What you get when you buy a subscription?

  • Default Common Data Service Database Capacity

    1 tenant of Dynamics 365 for sales will receive 10GB of Common Data Services Database Capacity.

  • Default Common Data Service File Capacity

    This is used to store attachments like images, videos, pdf and other files in Dynamics 365 CE with a default capacity of 20GB.

  • Default Common Data Service Log Capacity

    Log capacity is designed to help organizations meet their auditing, compliance, and governance policies. Customers may delete audit change history for a record or a data range to reduce the log storage size. The tenant for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plan and application subscriptions includes by default 2GB for log capacity. There is no limit on how many years or audit log information that can be stored.

  • Dynamics 365 Portal

    It comes with a 1 Million page views comes along with a 10 Full user license of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan or combination of the CE applications. Team user license will not contribute to this minimum requirement.

  • Microsoft Forms Pro

    It helps to easily create surveys and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events. Forms Pro is licensed per organization and is based on the number of responses received for distributed surveys.

With every subscription, the customer would be entitled to get a Sandbox environment for them to evaluate and test functionalities before moving to a production environment.

Additional database and file capacity could be bought at a rate of 250MB and 2GB, respectively per Enterprise user (Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service, and Project Service Automation).


How to buy your Dynamics 365?

There are Licensing Programs available for buying Dynamics 365. Licensing Programs are the channels where you can easily buy Dynamics 365. You can license Dynamics 365 through various channels like

  • Microsoft Volume Licensing
  • Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP)
  • Web Direct programs

If you are interested in Volume Licensing, Dynamics 365 is available through the following:

  • Enterprise Agreement (EA)
  • Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS)
  • Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE)
  • Enrollment for Education Solutions (under the Campus and School Agreement) (EES)

There are additional channels available like:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Online Government (except Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan, Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Activity and Dynamics 365 Plan)
  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA).
  • Microsoft Online Subscription Program (Web Direct/MOSP) (except Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan, Dynamics 365 Unified Operations – Activity and Dynamics 365 Plan)
How do you buy add-on licenses?

You can buy from Microsoft’s web direct programs or through a Cloud Solution Provider.

Is there minimum license thresholds for each plan?

In order to activate a subscription, customers enrolling in Dynamics 365 must purchase a minimum quantity of full user licenses where required:

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


Effective October 2018, access to the first included portal for the tenant requires the purchase of a minimum of 10 Enterprise user licenses of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications (Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service or Project Service Automation) or a combination.

Academic SKUs

Applications on the Academic price list must purchase a minimum of 20 full user licenses:

  • Dynamics 365 Plan
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

This requirement does not apply to existing Academic customers who have previously enrolled on or before October 31, 2016, but these customers are required to maintain at least a 5-seat minimum in accordance with the prior program requirements.

Microsoft Relationship Sales solution Plus and Microsoft Relationship Sales:

  • 10-seat minimum

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Additional Contacts:

To activate the additional contact packs, the customer must meet the minimum purchase requirements.

  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing Additional Contacts Tier 3: 2 packs
  • Dynamics for Marketing Additional Contacts Tier 4: 5 packs
  • Dynamics for Marketing Additional Contacts Tier 5: 10 packs
  • All other additional contact packs have no minimum purchase

Dynamics 365 Unified Operations

Minimum purchase requirements:


Note, each instance of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations must meet the minimum license requirement.

Talent comprehensive hiring:

To get the entitlements included with the Talent comprehensive hiring addon, customers must satisfy:

  • The 5-seat minimum purchase requirement for the Talent application (standalone, Unified Operations plan, or Dynamics 365)
  • Sufficient number of Talent comprehensive hiring (100 employee pack) add-ons to meet or exceed the number of employees on payroll (e.g. 1500 employees = 15 Tier 2 packs)
What are the new features coming in Dynamics 365?

There are many exciting features in Dynamics 365 like

  • Form Pro
  • Customer Insights
  • Dynamics 365 AI for Sales or Dynamics 365 Sales Insights
  • Mixed Reality
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Check out more Dynamics 365 features:

Who is an ISV embed solution provider?

Microsoft offers a differentiated program for the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) called ISV Cloud Embed to quickly build finished applications with Microsoft’s services. ISVs, with applications that meet the qualification criteria, are approved by Microsoft and can be purchased by the customers.

What is the difference between an ISV embed solution and standard Dynamics 365?

ISV embed solution, developed by the ISVs, is quickly built on the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and might have additional features built in to cater to specific industry/vertical or depending on the customer requirements. Standard Dynamics 365 offers various standard features for different applications.

Check out standard Dynamics 365 features here: